Episode 24: ROS F1/10 Autonomous Racecar Simulator - Day 1 Main Track - ROSCon2019

2020 January 15 ⋅ Download

ROSCon 2019 Presentation by Varundev Suresh Babu, Madhur Behl (University of Virginia)

F1/10 is a ROS based 1/10 scale autonomous racing testbed designed to test racing algorithms. The ROS F1/10 Autonomous Racecar Simulator is a Gazebo based virtual racing environment which includes a realistic model of the F1/10 autonomous racecar and associated race controllers. The F1/10 simulator provides users with the opportunity to optimize autonomous racing algorithms and a framework for designing and visualizing head-to-head racing with multiple simulated racecars.

Music is Nackskott by Ozzed