Episode 18: ROSCON 2016 - ANYmal at the ARGOS Challenge: Tools and Experiences from the Autonomous Inspection of Oil & Gas Sites with a Legged Robot

2017 July 02 ⋅ Download

ROSCon 2016 Presentation by Péter Fankhauser (ETH Zurich), Christian Gehring (ETH Zurich), Remo Diethelm (ETH Zurich), Samuel Bachmann (ETH Zurich), Dario Bellicoso (ETH Zurich), Martin Wermelinger (ETH Zurich), Vasilios Tsounis (ETH Zurich), Michael Bloesch (ETH Zurich), Philipp Leemann (ETH Zurich), Gabriel Hottiger (ETH Zurich), Andreas Lauber (ETH Zurich), Dominik Jud (ETH Zurich), Ralf Kaestner (IBM Research Zurich), Mark Hoepflinger (armasuisse), Marco Hutter (ETH Zurich)

At the ARGOS Challenge, we participate with our legged robot ANYmal in the autonomous inspection of oil & gas sites. In this presentation, we share our experience with using ROS in our work and introduce our tools, many of which are available open-source. ANYmal is an electrically driven quadrupedal robot, capable of dynamic running, climbing over obstacles, and scaling stairs. It uses onboard laser range sensors to precisely localize and map its surrounding, enabling the autonomous navigation in difficult environments. For ARGOS, ANYmal carries several inspection sensors and uses computer vision to monitor the state of the site.

Music is Nackskott by Ozzed