Episode 07: ROSCON 2016 - Robot calibration

2016 November 26 ⋅ Download

ROSCon 2016 Presentation by Niharika Arora (Fetch Robotics)

Calibration is an essential prerequisite for nearly any robot. We have created a fast, accurate and robot-agnostic calibration system, which calibrates robot geometry in addition to the typical camera intrinsics and/or extrinsics. The system can be used with a variety of feature detectors to update the cost function and uses the CERES optimizer for the convex optimization. The system then creates an updated URDF containing the calibrated parameters. This talk will cover the details of the robot-agnostic robot_calibration package and describe its use in the fetch_calibration package which can calibrate dozens of parameters on a Fetch robot in as little as 3 minutes.

Music is Nackskott by Ozzed